About the Trainers' Learning Skillnet:

The Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD) is the professional association which has represented the Training and HRD Profession in Ireland since 1969. The Institute’s mission is to promote and practice the highest standards in the education, training and development of people.

The Institute successfully applied to Skillnet Ireland for the establishment of a Network for Training Providers and in particular, for those in Micro Training Organisations and training departments within larger companies.  The network is called the Trainers' Learning Skillnet.

As with all Skillnet Networks the objective is to provide grant-aided training and development opportunities which individual enterprises might not be in a position to undertake by themselves. Currently the network is funded until 31st December 2019.

The Trainers Learning Skillnet is funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education & Skills.

The purpose of the Trainers' Learning Skillnet is to provide a forum where organisations can collaborate, network and promote best practice in trainer competencies and skills.  We aim to develop the skills of those in the training profession while simultaneously providing industry with individuals who can provide training which will yield quantifiable benefits that can be sustained.

This activity will be in response to key areas of concern which will be identified by members and will take the form of practical shared learning experiences which will be appropriate not only for Training Providers in the SME sector, but for all organisations with an employee development function.

Through our partnerships with IITD (Irish Institute of Training & Development), ASTD (American Society of Training & Development), IFTDO (International Federation of Training & Development Organisations) and ETDF (European Training & Development Federation) we intend to draw on European and International expertise to identify best practice and a broader perspective on required skills and competencies.

The provision of responses through a network of this nature would equip training practitioners with the appropriate level of business administration and technical training knowledge, skill and competencies which will yield tangible and measurable benefits to their company in terms of:

  • Maximising individual and business development potential
  • Sustaining the company within the knowledge economy
  • Optimising Return on Investment from Training & Development expenditures
  • Better alignment of business goals with annual plans and personal development
  • Supporting career planning and promotion procedures
  • Improved recruitment and retention of staff
  • Benchmarking against Industry best Practice

  • To provide a forum where micro training organizations and practitioners can collaborate, network and promote best practice in trainer competencies and skills.
  • To provide continuous professional development opportunities to training professionals that are accredited on the National Framework of Qualifications, thereby ensuring they are equipped on an ongoing basis with the relevant knowledge and skills to perform their vital role in all sectors.
The IITD believes that it is best placed to develop and manage this Network through our regional structure throughout Ireland.

We believe that the Trainers' Learning Skillnet will offer significant training and developmental opportunities for those operating within the industry and will help ensure that their skill and qualification levels in the workforce match present and future human resource requirements for continuous economic growth and competitive advantage.

Joining the network is simple. If you wish to attend any of our courses, please just visit the Training Courses page on this website where you can book places on any Trainers' Learning Skillnet courses using our online booking system.

We look forward to hearing from you and to providing you with a range of relevant training opportunities.


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