About Us - I'm an EMPLOYEE

Do you need specific training to help you with new challenges/developments in your job? Would you like to maintain your competitive edge by keeping up to date with new developments in the training industry? We can help!


Cost: Free for employees – fees are paid by your Employer and Skillnet Ireland, we cannot accept payment from an employee unless evidence of reimbursement from your company/business is provided.

Quality: Our training networks source the best and most relevant training providers and most courses are accredited.

Some important information to note: Our training networks only provide training to employees of private sector/commercial semi-state companies based in the Republic of Ireland. Networks are required to collect data on the profile of trainees supported and record this in the Skillnet Ireland on-line reporting system (paperwork* for this is provided in advance or on day of training).

Importance of Paperwork*: Each network is expected to achieve the financial and activity targets set out in the network contract. Grant payments are conditional on the network performance and without completed paperwork from employees/participants on training the network will not be able to fund courses.

Did you know?

Our training network can provide free training courses for unemployed people. If you know someone who would be interested in learning more, have a look at the jobseeker section for more information.

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