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“Build the Skillset to Design and Develop Effective e-learning”



NEXT COURSE: To be confirmed, 2021




Introduction to the Programme 

This fast-track University-accredited programme will help you develop the core skills involved in the design, development, assessment and evaluation of effective e-learning solutions in a range of services and sectors, while gain gaining a validated professional certificate in e-learning.


ELearning Essentials covers everything from designing a storyboard to building your eLearning course using eAuthoring tools. This programme will help you progress your skills and reach your potential in eLearning as an Instructional Designer.


Who Should Attend?

This programme is ideal for individuals who wish to take the first step towards the development of their e-learning skills. The programme will introduce you to the core fundamentals of effective e-learning design and development. The programme is open to any individual responsible for creating training and education material within their organisation and will be applicable to participants from both public and private sector organisations.


Programme Outcomes:

At the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Design, build and roll-out high-quality eLearning
  • Practice the core eLearning design principles and the underpinning theory
  • Work seamlessly with subject matter experts to map out your learning experience
  • Design a storyboard for an interactive engaging eLearning course
  • Build an eLearning prototype using eAuthoring tools like Articulate Storyline

Programme Structure

The programme is modular in design, made up of four specialist units. The following learning interventions will be used on the programme:

  • Three classroom-based workshops - these intensive skills-based workshop practice comprehensive techniques and methodologies to enable you to confidently design, develop, assess and evaluate pedagogically effective e-learning.
  • Access to Online Resources - Participants will also have online access to a full range of course materials and learning aids through Harvest’s Learning Hub.
  • Live Virtual Classroom Session – Participants will engage in a number of online virtual classroom sessions to give you an opportunity to experience the process in action.

Programme Accreditation and Certification

Digital Learning Design Essentials is recognised by Newcastle University's Centre for Executive and Professional Development. - The programme is certified through the CPD accreditation institution in the UK. Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a Professional Development Certificate in eLearning.



The assessment will be based on a practical e-learning project that will be completed during the course. The content, designed by our digital learning specialists, is all available as self-paced learning content that learners can explore in their own time.
The four modules are detailed below. The learners will also attend three live virtual classrooms to complete activities, engage in discussion, and for the digital learning specialsists to support the learners with their projects. 

Unit 1: Design e-Learning

  • Key educational concepts and their impact on e-learning design
  • Learning needs analysis, learner profiling and learning styles
  • Design for all - learning preferences, learner capability, learning approaches and delivery methods in an online environment
  • From passive to active e-learning - identify why certain types of e-learning fail to engage and how this can be corrected
  • How to interest, stimulate, challenge and hook your learners through blending directed, guided and self-directed e-learning approaches


Unit 2: Develop e-Learning

  • Optimising learning through complimentary media mix
  • Script scenario based e-learning combining top order skills including analysis, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making
  • Create engaging, realistic scenarios that underpin active learning approaches online
  • Developing individual, group and team working skills based around real world scenarios
  • Create e-learning that will engage learners using action based, practical exercises that transfer to real-world activities


Unit 3: Assess e-Learning

  • Pedagogic fitness of assessment methods and techniques
  • The role of feedback in developing successful learning
  • Using assessment blueprints to design align online assessment to the learning situation
  • Aligning online assessment to the learning situation
  • Providing effective online feedback to aid learning through a range of methods


Unit 4: Evaluate e-Learning

  • Quantitative and qualitative techniques for measuring the success of e-learning
  • Evaluation criteria to measure the effectiveness of e-learning
  • Implementing an evaluation process for e-learning sessions
  • Critical evaluation of participant feedback for a selected e-learning intervention
  • Using analysis data to improve e-learning interventions


Programme Details

€935.00 (participants eligible for Skillnet funding)

€1,100 (Non-Skillnet members)


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