Leading the L&D Function

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14/10/2022 FULLY - ONLINE Oct 14 - 4 Days Express Interest

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Leading the L&D Function

IITD Accredited 



Course Starts October 14th, 2022


This new four-day programme from the IITD is designed for existing and aspiring heads of the function dedicated to the strategic development of people in an organisation.  Regardless of whether your function is described as Talent, Organisational Development, Organisational Capability, Learning or plain old Training, this programme seeks to help you answer the following questions:

• How do I gain support for my agenda?
• What are the most appropriate development strategies to drive performance?
• How can technology help me?
• How do I evaluate and demonstrate success to the business?
• How do I promote myself and my function across the business?
Key Audience


The audience for the programme should ideally be drawn from those who are currently managing the learning function within their organisation or who aspire to manage the learning function in their own or another organisation. It is also suitable for those who wish to reposition the learning function within their organisation as a key strategic enabler. While it is not necessary for participants to have completed prior certification from either the IITD or the CIPD, a working knowledge of concepts and competence in training needs analysis, training design, delivery methodologies and evaluation is assumed. 


Programme objectives
The objectives of the programme are to help participants as follows:
 To position the learning function as a key strategic enabler of the business;
 To create support for your vision at the top table;
 To effectively utilise data sources to support their agenda;
 To develop value-added partnerships with internal and external suppliers;
 To structure the team appropriately and ensure appropriate governance and development;
 To future proof the function; and
 To effectively manage their own development.

Delivery essentials


The programme is delivered ONLINE over four days: One day every two weeks.  The programme aims to maximise participation from participants in discussions and group exercises. The style is informal and the content informative.  

The programme will be facilitator led with an emphasis on peer-to-peer learning supported by expert guest speakers each day.


Cost of the Programme


€1450 participants eligible for Trainers' Learning Skillnet funding

€1,750 for non-members



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