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It’s been a bit of a roller coaster since the pandemic started. We have all adapted to remote working as best we can given the environment. It is time now to take a step back and reflect and figure out how we need to learn and develop to smooth out the roller coaster and make our remote working arrangement more sustainable for us and our colleagues.

This workshop will support remote team members to reflect on the journey and build skills and tools to work in a sustainable and impactful way remotely.


In these workshops, employees will get the opportunity to:


  • Reflect on their journey since the beginning of the pandemic and make decisions about what to keep and let go of in how they are themselves and how they have interacted with their own team and other teams across the organisation
  • Explore how to build skills and tools to do this in a more sustainable way with the right impact on themselves, their colleagues and their work
  • Build skills to succeed in remote teams including emotional intelligence, building and maintaining relationships, communication, using the technology to its optimum to support impact, collaboration, learning & productivity


To maximise learning and transfer this programme will include:

  • Short pre work so that learners come already engaged with the learning
  • A focused personal action plan
  • A toolkit of practical resources to support working in a remote team
  • Nudge messages to learners in the 28 days after the workshops


Course duration: 1 x 3-hour session (9.30am - 12.30pm)






€120 per participant including all fees and certification (for participants eligible for funding through Trainers’ Learning Skillnet*)

€150 for non-eligible participants

In-house rates available upon request.

*Self-employed, and individuals working in private and commercial semi-state organisations


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