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21/09/2021 DELIVERED - ONLINE 1 x 3hr session Express Interest
04/11/2021 DELIVERED - ONLINE 1 x 3hr session Express Interest

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September 21st, 2021 (To book this course directly, CLICK HERE)

November 4th, 2021 (To book this course directly, CLICK HERE)


Register your interest in this course by emailing INFO@TRAINERSLEARNINGSKILLNET.COM 


The Opportunity



As ways of working, working environments and team set ups continue to develop, it is critical that as we move into the 'new normal' we give employees and opportunity to explore what this will mean for them and the necessary skills to allow then to thrive in the hybrid teams.


We don't know what the future of work will look like, but we do know that it will continue to change at a pace we have only recently become familiar with. Our teams need the situation and opportunity to process what has and is changing and how they deal with that transition and contribute their best to their team and organisation.  


Teams who have historically worked in one location are now likely to find themselves in dispersed teams who spend less, if any, time in the same physical location. We need to reassess our approach to teamwork, collaboration, communication, productivity and creativity. Self-motivation and taking accountability are even more important in hybrid settings. We need to reassess how we interact with each other, including with our managers. 


This workshop will support team members to address the key challenges they are likely to face in this new environment and learnt strategies and skills for transitioning to the ‘new normal.’


In these workshops people will get the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on their journey since the beginning of the pandemic and make decisions about what to keep and let go of in how they are themselves and how they have interacted with their own team and other teams across the organisation
  • Explore the 'new normal’ and what to expect in moving from the pandemic 'hangover' and start to understand the challenge and opportunity faced in hybrid teams
  • Normalise the stages of transition they and others in the team may experience in this changing work environment 
  • Build skills to succeed in hybrid teams including communication, collaboration, learning & productivity


To maximise learning and transfer this programme will include:


  • Short pre work so that learners come already engaged with the learning
  • A focused personal action plan
  • A toolkit of practical resources to support surviving & thriving in a hybrid team
  • Nudge messages to learners in the 28 days after the workshops



Duration: One day (1 x 3-hour workshops)

Location: FULLY ONLINE (in-house option delivered online available to organisations)





€120 per participant including all fees and certification (for participants eligible for funding through Trainers’ Learning Skillnet*)

€150 for non-eligible participants

In-house rates available upon request

*Self-employed, and individuals working in private and commercial semi-state organisations in Rep of Ire

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