Internal Consulting Skills for L&D Professionals

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24/10/2019 Dublin-Crowne Plaza Blanchardstown 4 Days (1) - 24/25 Oct & 27/28 Nov 2019 (Book Now)

Internal Consulting Skills for L&D Professionals 


As your career progresses, it is imperative to shift from “order-taking” and driving L&D initiatives on your own to a genuine partnership with the business.  But this shift takes time, and a new set of capabilities and a change in how you interact with the business. 

At its heart, this new approach means helping your internal client to sort out the root causes of performance problems rather than simply providing a training solution.

To be a true and effective partner you must act as a mirror for the client to help them clearly see their own problems. This enables a true partnership that develops the most appropriate solutions, delivering real benefit to the business.


This 4-day programme, designed in partnership with IITD and hpc, will provide you with the practical tools and capabilities to re-position the L&D function within the business and to allow you to ask the questions that will drive solutions. 


Using a mixture of the latest research, case-studies and real-play techniques, this programme will accelerate your shift to a strategic partner within the business.



By the end of the Programme participants will:

  • Develop the ability to assertively and successfully build their internal L&D business partnership
  • Grow confidence in their internal consulting ability and expertise
  • Acquire the tools and communication skills to lead successful diagnostic, implementation, and review meetings
  • Develop commitment from business leaders and peers
  • Effectively deal and engage with resistance, difficult people and situations
  • Better position themselves and the L&D function with business leaders and peers

Programme Overview

Module 1 (2 Days) 

  • Personal Awareness
  • Building Relationships
  • Trust
  • Stakeholder Commitment
  • Understanding the L&D Environment
  • Strategic Influencing
  • Enabling Change

Module 2 (2 Days)

  • Model for Stakeholder Engagement (Consulting Process)
  • Communication Skills of Consulting Conversation
  • Practical Application with Actors


Module 1: Day 1

Personal Awareness, Building Relationships, Trust, Stakeholder Commitment

  • Challenges to the internal consulting role and strategic business environment
  • Key competencies of an internal consulting role
  • Self-Awareness (eQ) and impact on stakeholder relationships
  • Relationship Intelligence (rQ)
  • Building Trust to support partnerships for enabling change
  • Building Stakeholder Commitment

Module 1: Day 2

Understanding L&D Environment, Strategic Influencing, Enabling Change, Preparing for Stakeholder Engagement

  • Understanding the Learning and Development Environment
  • Linking Training Needs Analysis to Design and Evaluation
  • Strategic Influencing 
  • Enabling Change
  • Preparing for Stakeholder Engagement – Gathering Data


Module 2: Day 1

Model in Action, Communication Skills for Consulting Conversation

5 Stages for Stakeholder Engagement Model

  • Model in Action - Personal scenarios of model in action
  • Effective Questioning
  • Active Listening

Module 2: Day 2

Practical Skills practice with Actors and ‘Personal Learning and Future Practice’ Presentations

  • Practical internal consulting conversation
  • Observation and personal feedback to participants
  • Personal Future Practice Presentations

Programme Fees:

€1,200 participants eligible for Trainer Learning Skillnet funding

€1,450 for non-members

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